October 20, 2010

Coalition of "Home Team" Businesses Endorse Question A

Anne Arundel County Businesses Join Anne Arundel Chambers of Commerce in Support of Slots Referendum


HANOVER, MD - A coalition of Anne Arundel County businesses today announced their support of Question A, the slots referendum.  The Coalition is composed of dozens of Anne Arundel County-headquartered businesses and their CEOs and other prominent community leaders.  The coalition includes many of the County’s largest employers and collectively represents more than 10,000 employees. 


The Coalition is supporting The Cordish Company’s efforts to pass Question A and codify the zoning for slots in Anne Arundel County to allow the construction of the Maryland Live! gaming and entertainment complex at Arundel Mills.  The 100-year-old, fourth-generation, family-owned business is based in Baltimore and has long-standing ties to the Anne Arundel County community, where its Chairman, David Cordish, owns a home.


“We are the home team in this battle,” said Cordish.  “All of the Anne Arundel County companies you see here today are joining the Maryland team as we fight against the anti-slots campaign funded by the Charles Town casino owners who are trying to keep Maryland revenue flowing into West Virginia.”


Citing severe government budget deficits and unemployment, business leaders asked Anne Arundel County residents to join them in voting for Question A to help alleviating these problems and prevent tax increases.  “Voting for Question A will bring 4,000 new jobs and millions in tax revenue to the county,” said Kevin Johnson, CEO of Commercial Interiors.  “We’ll work hard between now and November 2 to get Question A passed because it is in the best interest of our County, my employees, and just what my community needs.”


The business leaders join fire fighters, police, and teachers unions, dozens of community and civic groups, and Anne Arundel Chambers of Commerce who have previously endorsed the ballot question. Bob Burdon, president and CEO of the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce said, “Our businesses and workforce have a lot at stake.  If Question A fails, we could face higher taxes and fees, lost job opportunities, reduced funding for public education, and an inability to meet our infrastructure needs in Anne Arundel County.”


A vote for Question A ensures that 4,000 new jobs will be created that will be targeted at Anne Arundel County residents, and hundreds of millions of revenue presently leaving Maryland and Anne Arundel County will go to our state and local governments instead.

Detailed and accurate information about the planned gaming and entertainment complex at Arundel Mills and the projected tax revenue and new jobs to be created with the passage of Question A can be found at www.VoteFORQuestionA.com

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