October 08, 2021

Co-working space ‘igniting innovation’ in Downtown St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – Jimmy Sawyers saw the potential in downtown St. Louis and wanted to make sure he had the best view as it all unfolds. 

“When this came available, I jumped right on it and we secured office number one,” said Jimmy Sawyers, chairman, and cofounder Sawyers & Jacobs.  

“So, we’ve been very happy. It’s a great work environment and a group of entrepreneurs, and solo practitioners to solo boutique consulting firms like ours. So, it’s just a great community and great environment.” 

Sawyers is 12 years into his startup tech security consulting firm.

Growing from Memphis up to St. Louis, he sought out the Cordish companies’ Spark St. Louis location, offering him access to similar spark co-working spaces in Kansas City and Baltimore.  

“We went from one location to three in a span of about 16 months during the pandemic,” said Shervonne Cherry, director of Spark Co-Working.  

“But it’s been great to see how we can support small businesses and individuals see that Spark, pun intended, as they see that spark and say ‘Oh this is accessible to me. This is available to me. I can make some long-term strategic plans within my organization and team and be in a place that is a soft-landing point.” 

Shervonne Cherry said she’s seen how the co-working space is igniting innovation in Downtown St. Louis. 

Opened in June inside the PWC building, Spark St. Louis is bringing together entrepreneurs of all ages, with an impressive overlook of the ballpark or the city.

“Entrepreneurship is the great equalizer,” said Cherry. “What does an entrepreneur look like? It’s anyone and anything, any idea.” 

The 30,000 square-foot co-working site at 6 Cardinal Way, Suite 900 is filled with amenities that any modern-day entrepreneur could ask for, from podcast rooms to Zen spaces overlooking the city. 

Offering everything from a mailbox to a suite, Spark is hoping to answer the needs of businesses and employees as work and workspaces change in the modern world. 

“This area is sacred ground to me,” said Sawyers. 

“I’ve been coming to Busch Stadium since I was 12 years old to baseball games. When you have this energy in this area, it just makes for a great environment for business and creativity and thought and networking.” 

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