June 03, 2021

Ignite a new workflow with innovative workspaces in Ballpark Village by Spark STL

ST. LOUIS – Spark a new era of business with 360-degree views from Ballpark VillageSpark STL is a collaborative coworking space that features private offices and shared workspace for entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators.

“Everyone is looking for something different, and we really are an amenity-focused space, we’re the marriage of hospitality and entrepreneurship, so we are serving a diverse clientele of individuals,” Shervonne Cherry, director of community partnerships for Spark STL, said. 

This workspace offers memberships a variety of memberships for the different needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the greater St. Louis metropolitan region.

“You want a space that you belong to that you make connections with, you’re building community, and that’s part of the vision and the mission of Spark to be a catalyst for entrepreneurship,” Cherry said.

Spark STL officially opens its doors to the public on Tuesday, June 8.

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