January 15, 2012

XFINITY Live! Job Fair Attracts Thousands

Today’s cold weather kept many people indoors but not this long line of people - they couldn’t stay in. They’re trying to land one of hundreds of new jobs coming to South Philadelphia. More than a thousand people filed into the Wells Fargo Center hoping to score a job with XFINITY Live!

The latest numbers show improvement in the job market but people still out of work around here say they’re not seeing it. Fox 29’s Omari Fleming has more on their story.

“There’s plenty of opportunities out there - you just got to go out and find them.” Dionne Thompson is currently unemployed but she’s got her resume in hand and she means business. “My resolution this year is to find a job, move out, be on my own.”

After a year out of work she is one of nearly 2,000 people applying for one of the 750 jobs at the new XFINITY Live! – a new entertainment venue slated to open in April at the Sports Complex.

While the national unemployment rate has trended down to 8.5%, at 6.4% Montgomery County’s rate is below the national average. So is Delaware County at 7.6%. But Philadelphia County clocks in at a staggering 10.5%.

Fifty-nine year old Patty VanMieter knows the pain all too well. She’s been out of work the past year doing odd jobs for friends to make ends meet. Now, she’s banking on a cleaning job at the new XFINITY Live! “First thing I would buy? I’d pay off some of my bills.”

Bashir Bazemore tells us an injury ended his job as an operations specialist with the U.S. Navy. Since September, he’s been job hunting. “I haven’t been rejected, I just haven’t either gotten a call back yet or interview time.” Bazemore hoping that’s not the case this time around after filling out applications and finishing his interviews, this newlywed father hoping to land one of the security jobs, “I feel good about it. Good vibes.”

Six different restaurants and entertainment venues are hiring – that means managers, servers, accountants – a whole variety of jobs are available. Officials with XFINITY Live! report they have recognized a number of potential employees. They’ll start calling them starting this week.

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