October 08, 2013

Master P and Fourth Street Live! Holiday Food Drive

Jim Layson, General Manager of Fourth Street Live!, announced a collaborative effort with Master P and Fourth Street Live! on Tuesday.
Together, Fourth Street Live! and Master P will launch a community campaign, “Compassion and Let the Kids Grow” Holiday Food Drive this holiday season.
The holiday food drive is in conjunction with, Jefferson County, KY, Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School (LPAS) and Dawson Orman Early Childhood Programs annual “Holiday Food Drive” for their stu­dents and families in need.
Layson said, working with LPAS was a natural outgrowth of Fourth Street Live!’s support and commit­ment to LPAS and their StageOne and Drama Works program during the summer and Spring of 2014. Fourth Street’s sponsorship enabled 30 students to attend the performing arts schools, StageOne and DramaWorks, which encourages students to discover and practice the fundamentals of drama and theatre while expanding their physical, emotional, and social skills.
Fourth Street LIVE! is committed to fostering relationships and community partnerships that support the Louisville community.
Master P is calling Louisville, KY his second home.
Through his compassion and community service with campaigns such as “Listen, Compassion, Let the Kids Grow and Teaching the Game of Life”, he has shown a true spirit of lifting up those in need with messages of “Hope, Compassion, Love”.
In addition, Master P is currently working with local talent Lavel White, in producing a documentary on gun violence and the tragedy that effects so many in the community.
In attendance for the press conference, gun victim Sheronda Morris will be on hand to lend her support of the “Compassion Let the Kids Grow” Holiday Food Drive. Morris said the community needs to work to­gether in lifting up all people in need, and wanted to bring attention to the real tragedies of gun violence affecting her, and, other children and families in the community. Furthermore, in helping with the food drive, it helps her during this holiday time.
Master P and Fourth Street Live! would like to thank the other community partners and sponsors for their contribution to the “Compassion and Let the Kid’s Grow” Holiday Food Drive, and would also encour­age the community to help in this campaign where possible.

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