December 31, 2013

Heroes & Headliners: Most Fascinating People of North Central Massachusetts in 2013

They've saved lives, fed the hungry, and worked to turn whole cities around. They've inspired local youths, and some are youngsters themselves, compelled by a need to assist the less fortunate and sick, to make their voices heard, or to achieve their passions. They've broken new ground, in terms of new art, new approaches, new research, and in some cases, actual dirt, building from the ground up or sifting through it, seeking the treasures of learning. They come from many different backgrounds and walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: Their stories have captivated the community. DAVID CORDISH Cordish, leader of The Cordish Companies, a Baltimore, MD based company proposing a slots casino on Jungle Road in Leominster, went door to door soliciting support for his proposal before the favorable Sept. 24 referendum vote. While already approved by Leominster voters, the state Gaming Commission must now decide whether the venture comes to the city.


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