July 02, 2021

Dozens of people, including service members, sworn in as U.S. citizens at Fourth Street Live!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - On a rainy day in Louisville, a naturalization ceremony took over Fourth Street Live, swearing in dozens of new U.S. citizens.

"Been waiting for this moment for so long that I almost started crying, I was so emotional," Iroda Ergashova said.

Ergashova has been in the U.S. for about a year and a half and serves in the military. Ergashova said it's the final step that makes her feel grateful to call this country home.

"To me, the most important thing was that we do not support any kind of behavior against a certain race, gender or sexual orientation," Ergashova said. "That we just fight for rights of people. For their rights to live, to be free and to just be happy."

Over a dozen service members were sworn in as citizens of America in the special ceremony that came just three days before Independence Day. Some even had tears in their eyes.

Rosailyn Almanzar Tejada came to the states when she was 6 years old from the Dominican Republic. She now serves in the military as well and drove three hours from Fort Campbell where she's based to be at the ceremony.

"I've been fighting this for so long and it's like I finally got it so it feels amazing," Tejada said.

The honor brings a lot of meaning.

"To me being here and becoming a citizen of the United States of America means being a citizen of a country that is for equality, that is a country of opportunities that stands it's ground," Ergashova said.

Three ceremonies in total took place at Fourth Street Live! Thursday.

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