January 01, 2020

Revelers welcome 2020 with music, fun and resolutions at Waterside District’s annual New Year’s event

Crowds of revelers at the Waterside District's annual "NYE Live!" were excited and partied through the evening to welcome the new year.

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The annual event provided music, food, games and overall, a great time. There was a monitor towards one side right above where the DJs were stationed. They provided the music of various genres for the audience.

"NYE Live!" was an evening of fun that the organizers said cannot be put together in a day, week or even a month.

“We’ve been planning since June - about six months of planning for six hours of fun," Lindsey Durfee, the  Waterside District marketing manager, said. "It’s all hands on deck for us here, anything from the smallest details to balloons, to the entertainment and to how we’re going to stream the ball drop at midnight.”

She added roughly 3,000 people were expected to attend. Most tickets were sold out with very few tickets remaining the day of the event.

Before midnight, revelers already had resolutions.

”I’m trying to brush my teeth. I’m trying to get whiter pearls in 2020," Clay Brumbugh said with jest. "That’s my New Year’s resolution. Just being overall a better person. It’s only looking up from here.”

Jeremy Hunger, another reveler, was there with a group of friends. He said he wants to, ”make a whole lot more money than I’m making now. I mean, other than that, it’s kind of just like live a little bit better every day.”

As for Lisa Domschke, she said, "My resolution is, anything better than 2019.”

The event continued through the evening into the new year until 2 a.m. Durfee said there were Lyft cars outside the event to provide safe rides home for the revelers.


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