The Historic Kansas City Foundation extends its thanks and appreciation to The Cordish Company for their investment in the Midland Theatre located at 1228 Main Street. The revitalization of the Midland is a great example of how historic preservation is a valuable community resource and that historic architecture works for all of us.
Michael Schaadt President of Historic Kansas City Foundation
I've worked with David Cordish, Blake Cordish, Nick, Benjamin and Zed for years now, four or five years now, and I find them to be extremely competent business people. They have a vision, and the best thing about them is they execute from beginning to end. When they say it's going get done, they get it done. When they say how's going to be get, they get it done that way. [...] They always have a vision of quality and that's one thing I appreciate is the fact that they're not just building something and slapping it up, turning their backs on it and leaving. They're building something that has their name, imprint and personality in it, and it's high quality.
Sly James Mayor of Kansas City
Louisville is one of the world's best food cities and now Guy Fieri is part of our tradition. It's great to see this major investment in our downtown by The Cordish Companies at Fourth Street Live!- Guy Fieri's Smokehouse will be a game changer for the City of Louisville.
Greg Fischer Mayor of Louisville
Fourth Street Live! is a powerful magnet that is drawing millions of people and dollars to the heart of our City. But our investment is just beginning to pay even greater dividends-Fourth Street Live! is spawning nearby developments that will bring tens of millions of dollars in private investment to fuel the downtown renaissance and our local economy.
Jerry Abramson Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky
Fourth Street Live! and The Cordish Company are making a tremendous difference in improving downtown Louisville. They've taken a failing downtown mall and turned it into a buzzing hub of entertainment. In this block of downtown, you'll find an amazing melting pot - people of all ages, backgrounds and income levels - coming together to have fun.
Jerry Abramson Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky
The announcement of Guy Fieri's Smokehouse represents The Cordish Companies' continued commitment and investment in our state, the City of Louisville and Fourth Street Live! It is exciting to see the success of current establishments in the area attracting new business to the Commonwealth.
Matt Bevin Governor
Fourth Street Live! is a tremendous asset to downtown Louisville. The development has given life to an urban facility by developing venues that are appealing to convention attendees and tourists. It has also completed the package necessary to attract conventions to the city. The Kentucky Commerce Cabinet, Kentucky Department of Tourism, and the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority are pleased to have provided assistance to this development under the Kentucky Tourism Development Act.
Todd Cassidy Kentucky Department of Tourism; Director- State of Kentucky Economic & Community Development
We appreciate the Cordish Companies efforts to revitalize this iconic place on Norfolk's waterfront. We have a once in a generation opportunity to enhance the waterfront of our great city so today's announcement is incredibly exciting. We have one of the premier developers in the United States willing to invest long-term in our downtown which speaks to our city's positive momentum.
Paul Fraim Mayor of the City of Norfolk