Cordish is the most successful urban development company in the country. They have proved themselves all over the country, in Baltimore, Houston and other cities. They know how to make these deals work.
Chris Poynter Spokesman for Mayor Jerry Abramson
The privately held Cordish Company helped reshape Baltimore's Inner Harbor and is one of the most acclaimed developers in the country. The Company has carried out successful projects in Houston, Charleston, SC and partnered with the Florida Seminole Indian Nation to build Hard Rock casinos in Tampa and Hollywood, FL.
The Hard Rock Cafe; has enjoyed working with The Cordish Company on multiple locations and projects. As a development company, they have shown great availability to create dynamic and successful projects throughout the country.
James G. Berk President and CEO, Hard Rock Café
The Cordish Company is the #1 downtown development organization in America today. They have 15 locations and they are 15 for 15 - every one of them has been a success!
Jerry Abramson Mayor of Louisville
The Cordish Company has an unparalleled track record for the revitalization of distressed urban areas.
Marc Hirshman Senior Vice President U.S. Bancorp
The Cordish Company is drawn to challenging retail locations where they believe the opportunities have been overlooked by traditional retail developers. They create individual solutions to unusual retail challenges. Cordish is a trailblazer with the vision to see opportunity when others either didn't see or didn't risk their money to reach it.
Michael Beyard Senior Fellow, Urban Land Institute
I have the utmost confidence in The Cordish Company as a developer, with their integrity, their financial strength, and their ability to deliver.
M.J. Brodie President, City of Baltimore Development Corporation
The Cordish Company has an outstanding reputation for creating some of the most popular entertainment districts in the United States.
Peter Lukko President Comcast-Spectator