This project is another significant investment in an Arlington economy that already has tremendous momentum. We greatly appreciate the Texas Rangers' continued investment in our community and we applaud their selection of The Cordish Companies, the premiere mixed-use developer in the country, as their development partner.
Jeff Williams Mayor of Arlington
One of the things I love about the businesses that The Cordish Companies built is that they're inclusive. They hire people from that city. Their workforce looks like that city and they promote people to the very top, of all colors. They do business with minority contractors, they hire diverse workforces with many people from the surrounding neighborhoods.
Benjamin Jealous Former President and CEO of NAACP
They've done everything from day one what they said they would do...The entire operation here is state of the art, and anyone would be proud of to have in their community, in their county, in their state.
Ed Degrange Maryland State Senator
In choosing Cordish, Las Vegas [may] have the only developer in the US who has successfully done both urban redevelopment with entertainment and retail elements and build casino resorts.
Fantini's Gaming Report
To find somebody in business like The Cordish Team -- that shares that same passion, discipline and enthusiasm to give great food a fantastic environment, with top notch service and people who love to be there -- you don't find that every day.
Guy Fieri Restauranteur, Author and Celebrity Chef
The Cordish Company is probably the single most gifted entertainment developers around. They understand what drive entertainment. They live it, they breathe it, they get it.
Steve Foster President of Lucky Strike Lanes
The Walk has been an incredibly successful attraction; as well as an economic development tool for the city. It has created jobs, improved the streetscape, helped the downtown feel safer and helped generate a buzz about Atlantic City. The Walk had been a key catalyst to so much in Atlantic City.
Curtis J. Bashaw Executive Director Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
The Cordish Company succeeded in downtown Atlantic City where many other developers previously failed. The Walk was critical to the rebirth of a vital and thriving urban core for Atlantic City, and served as a major economic catalyst.
Honorable Lorenzo T. Langford Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey