The Cordish Companies’ origins date back to 1910 and encompass four generations of privately-held, family ownership.  Louis Cordish founded The Cordish Companies in 1910 and his son, Paul Cordish, joined in 1933. Paul Cordish remained active until his early 90’s and his passing in March 2003. Louis and Paul Cordish’s legacy of integrity, humanity and work ethic carry on as the core values of The Cordish Companies. 

David S. Cordish, Paul’s son, joined The Cordish Companies in 1968 and is presently its Chairman and CEO. All three of David Cordish’s sons, Jonathan, Blake, and Reed Cordish, are active in the business. Jon, Blake and Reed Cordish are Vice Presidents of The Cordish Companies with responsibilities over Private Equity Holdings, Real Estate Development and Entertainment Management divisions, respectively.

Partners of The Cordish Companies include Joseph Weinberg and Charles Jacobs who are responsible, respectively, for the Gaming & Lodging and Legal divisions of the Company. Charlie Jacobs also serves as General Counsel for The Cordish Companies. Both partners have been with The Cordish Companies in excess of 25 years.

The Cordish Companies is vertically integrated with departments covering a range of disciplines including: Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Construction, Architecture, Engineering, Management, Leasing and Development. At the departmental level, The Cordish Companies has assembled fully integrated teams of highly dedicated and knowledgeable professionals. Key company individuals include: Zed Smith, Chief Operating Officer; Tunnie Ping, Director of Engineering; Melissa Frank, Director of Finance; Rich Burns, Director of Architecture; and Jack Rose Director of Construction.

The Cordish Companies is headquartered in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland, with regional offices throughout the country. The Cordish Companies employees share a unique esprit-de-corps that has produced consistent excellence in its businesses and are the key ingredient in its success over the past decades.
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