“We are grateful to The Cordish Companies, one of the world’s leading real estate developers, for redefining our downtown with the establishment of the Kansas City Power & Light District. We recognize their staunch commitment to AdHoc and applaud their core values of quality, entrepreneurial spirit, long-term personal relationships and integrity.” - Kansas City AdHoc Group Against Crime

“We could not be more excited about The Cordish Companies’ and The Evergreen Company’s world class credentials. They are in a league of their own. The City has invested substantial resources in its downtown. We were very careful in choosing a development team with extensive expertise in place-making and history of successfully completing very difficult urban projects.” - Mayor Susan Rohan , Mayor of Roseville, California

“I didn’t do the deal with them, but as I have been able to evaluate it…it’s good that Cordish is here.” - Mayor Greg Fischer , Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky

“Big congrats on the ULI Lifetime Achievement Award. Well done – I know you & your team helped our city in a very positive, impactful way. Thank you.” - Mayor Greg Fischer , Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky

“We were delighted to receive word about your 2012 WaveMaker Lifetime Achievement Award from Urban Land Institute (ULI) Baltimore. On behalf of everyone in the City of Niagara Falls, we send our heartiest congratulations on this well-deserved honor! We applaud this recognition of your contributions to the promise of urban revitalization in Baltimore…and in our own Niagara Falls! Thank you.” - Mayor Paul A. Dyster , Mayor, City of Niagara Falls, New York, Donna D. Owens, CPM, City Administrator, City of Niagara Falls, New York

“The Cordish Company is in a class of its own.  We conducted a national search and concluded there is no other development company in the country with the expertise and financial resources to deliver the premier arena and entertainment district the city has sought for years.  A project of this magnitude and importance requires a truly unique company, especially during these unprecedented economic times. We are extremely excited to be working in partnership with The Cordish Company and look forward to making this development a reality.  The City of Las Vegas deserves a world class project; we now have a world class developer to help us achieve this vision.” - Mayor Oscar B. Goodman , Mayor Las Vegas, Nevada

“In choosing Cordish, Las Vegas [may] have the only developer in the US who has successfully done both urban redevelopment with entertainment and retail elements and build casino resorts.” - Fantini’s Gaming Report

“The ULI award represents independent national recognition for and validation of Downtown Kansas City’s renaissance.   As a catalyst development the Power & Light District not only initiated the turn-around of the south loop of Downtown, but it also re-established Downtown as the premier location to live, work and play.  Without a doubt the Power & Light District has proved to be a catalyst for addition investment; it provided a renewed sense of optimism within the city. Our Downtown economic research supports the fact that at no other time in its history has Downtown Kansas City experienced such significant re-development.” - Bill Dietrich, President & CEO of the Downtown Council of Kansas City, May, 2009

“This award is a great honor, and reaffirms our belief that the Power & Light District is a world-class attraction.  This prestigious award reflects more than five years of work by hundreds of partners at the City and in the business community. To finish in the top 10 from more than 140 entries nationwide should make our residents and the entire region proud.” - Wayne A. Cauthen, City Manager of Kansas City, May, 2009

"The Cordish Company has a strong track record in Baltimore and would be the best solution to operate The Gallery and Harborplace." - J. Kirby Fowler, Head of the Baltimore Downtown Partnership, April 2009.

“The Indiana Live! Casino is among the nicest in the world. The Cordish Company has been great. They are fair, honest and up front. They have created jobs and they have created an entertainment factor here that is a real - WOW!” - Mayor Scott Furgeson, Mayor Shelbyville, Indiana, March 17, 2009.

"I have visited downtowns all across the country, and this grocery store is the best you can find in any urban setting. This is a grand slam!" - Wayne Cauthen, City Manager of Kansas City, January 2009.

"The Cosentino Downtown Market at KC Power & Light District is exceptional! Everyone is blown away by it; it is the nicest supermarket I've ever been in.  Everything about it is first class!  You've hit a grand slam! Thank you!" - Kay Barnes, Former Mayor of Kansas City, January 8, 2009.

“We are very excited about Woodbine Live! We wanted a tourist and entertainment development that is synergistic with the energy and excitement of live horse racing as opposed to a conventional development. The Cordish Company shares the vision and brings a wealth of experience in creating this environment.” - David Wilmont, Chairman and CEO of Woodbine Entertainment Group.

"The Cordish Company has invested in downtown Louisville and has delivered impeccable results for nearly a decade." - The Louisville Downtown Management District, Main Street Association, East Downtown Business Association and Young Professionals Association of Louisville, November 3, 2008

"The Cordish Company has an outstanding reputation for creating some of the most popular entertainment districts in the United States" - Peter Luukko, President Comcast-Spectacor.

"The Cordish Company is the #1 downtown development organization in America today. They have 15 locations and they are 15 for 15 – every one of them has been a success!" - Jerry Abramson, Mayor of Louisville Kentucky, October 15, 2008.

"I wanted to reach out to you regarding your teams execution of the Grand Opening of the Midland Theater. On behalf of Central States Beverage Company & MillerCoors Brewing Company we would like to thank you for a wonderful job in the execution of the Grand Opening. Your service was second to none and your beverage staff did a top notch job. Attention to detail was the order of the day and our team certainly noticed your efforts. Again, thank you for your partnership and an outstanding job to you and your team members" - Jon Poteet, Director of Marketing, High Life Sales Company.

"The Historic Kansas City Foundation extends its thanks and appreciation to The Cordish Company for their investment in the Midland Theatre located at 1228 Main Street. The revitalization of the Midland is a great example of how historic preservation is a valuable community resource and that historic architecture works for all of us." - Michael Schaadt, President of Historic Kansas City Foundation, September 16, 2008.

"Cordish is the most successful urban development company in the country. They have proved themselves all over the country, in Baltimore, Houston and other cities. They know how to make these deals work." - Chris Poynter, a spokesman for Mayor Jerry Abramson.

"I have the very highest regard for the work The Cordish Company does. I must confess to being particularly impressed by the integrity and the personal attention to detail that characterizes everything we saw" - Ahn Sang-Soo, Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea, April 24, 2008.

“Sean O’Byrne of the Downtown Council led the audience through a slide show of how bad downtown’s south side looked in 2003: haunted houses, rundown parking lots, adult book stores, a hot-oil massage parlor — it was a rogue’s tour.  “Five years ago, it was something that everybody accepted,” Cauthen said  “Downtown is a living room, and we didn’t have a living room to show off. People drove by because it was dilapidated.”  Fast forward to the recent launch party for Ink, The Kansas City Star’s new publication aimed at young adults. It was held in the courtyard of Kansas City Live and included a special after-party with DJ AM at the Mosaic dance club.  “Five thousand people for a DJ reveals a pent-up demand,” Cauthen said. “I was so impressed I left at 10 p.m. and brought my wife back at 11 p.m. That creative class is coming back downtown. I don’t know where they’re coming from, but they’re coming in droves.” - Wayne Cauthen, City Manager of Kansas City

"I want to thank you for all you and your teams hard work.  You guys are truly professional and there is no doubt that we have the best partner in the world for this project." -Randy Bernard, Chief Executive Officer, Professional Bull Riders, Inc. April 13, 2008.

“Congratulations on a fantastic launch, Downtown Kansas City has been transformed.  The buzz over the Power & Light District is truly exciting and
continues to build.” - Bill Dietrich, President & CEO Downtown Council Kansas City, Missouri (DTC).

"We selected The Cordish Company because they have world-class credentials and experience in real estate development, food and beverage and entertainment. What they’ve done in creating the NASCAR Sports Grille concept at Universal CityWalk is nothing short of spectacular." - Mark Dyer, Vice President, NASCAR Leasing and Consumer Products.

“The City of Charleston has been very fortunate to have had The Cordish Company engage in a major development project here. It has been the most positive impact on our city, its livability and our economy. David Cordish and his colleagues deliver exactly what they promise, they understand cities and their redevelopment efforts are always successful, and achieve the community goals of revitalization and re-energizing the cities downtown.” - Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Mayor, City of Charleston.

"David’s a problem-solver, an innovator. Understand, we critically needed a quality development to occur at that location. And what we wanted was a project that was not only visionary but could turn a profit." - The Honorable Joseph P. Riley, Jr., Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, August 1995.

"He’s definitely tough, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s very thorough in his negotiations. But he’s also been very honest and fair. I’ve been dealing with him for four years, and he’s a man of his word." [The BaltimoreSun, August 13, 1995, Section E, Page 1.] - G.J. Tollett, Director of Convention Center and Entertainment Complex, Houston, Texas, August 1995.

"The most important thing is that we got an internationally renowned developer who knows the mix of uses that could make a project successful. David Cordish is what we believe is going to make the difference." - The Honorable Kurt L. Schmoke, Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland, January 1997.

"The GAP has dealt with The Cordish Company successfully in various projects throughout the United States for many, many years. In every instance, we have found these projects to be of high quality. The Cordish Company delivered what it promised, and we have enjoyed significant success in our sales." - Leo Giovann, Real Estate Director, GAP, Inc.

"I have the utmost confidence in The Cordish Company as a developer, with their integrity, their financial strength, and their ability to deliver." - M.J. Brodie, President, City of Baltimore Development Corporation.

"The Hard Rock Café has enjoyed working with The Cordish Company on multiple locations and projects. As a development company, they have shown great availability to create dynamic and successful projects throughout the country." - James G. Berk, Former President and CEO, Hard Rock Café.

"The Power Plant is a prime example of the conversion of functionally obsolete building into a successful, modern project. The developer saved the four towering smokestacks-visual reminders of Baltimore’s industrial past-and extended the eastern edge of the Inner Harbor, compounding its success as an urban entertainment district." - ULI Awards Profile, February 2000, The Power Plant: Coming Full Circle.

"The Cordish Company entertainment project, Bayou Place, has been the catalyst for creating street and nightlife, which downtown Houston has never experienced before. As the largest concert promoter in the country, we strive for success such as this." - Rodney Eckerman, President & CEO, Pace/SFX Entertainment.

"We are continuing to undergo extensive urban development and look to the success of the Bayou Place public-private partnership as a model for future projects. The effort that you [Cordish] put into the Bayou Place project and its resulting fulfillment has earned you the respect of us all." - The Honorable Lee P. Brown, Mayor of Houston, Texas.

"Today, the half-dozen blocks surrounding Bayou Place are newly revitalized with the kind of, night, and weekend bustle the city of Houston desired. Loft-style apartments in the older building have become popular, and condominium projects have contributed to a growing residential base. A new downtown ballpark for the Astros is being prepared for the upcoming season. The revitalizing effects of the project are being felt well beyond the theatre district, with the entire downtown swept up in the rediscovery of urban amenities." - ULI Awards Profile By David Takesuye, February 2000, Houston’s Bayou Place: Turning Obsolescence into Entertainment.

"The conversion of the obsolete Albert Thomas Convention Center into the Bayou Place entertainment complex has proved wildly successful."  - The Houston Chronicle, May 15, 1998.

"Niagara Falls’ retail and entertainment had been on a precipitous down turn for approximately twenty years. The city canvassed several dozen developers across the country, none would take the risk until we approached David Cordish. The result was public/private partnership that worked to perfection. Rainbow Centre won the Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence and deservedly so. The Cordish Company honored every commitment they made to us, written or otherwise, and their development spawned a number of new projects around Rainbow Centre." - The Honorable Michael O’Laughlin, Mayor of Niagara Falls, New York.

"Nothing new had been built, of a retail nature, for many years in Detroit’s downtown. Most of our retail had closed. The Cordish Company not only predicted they would succeed where others had failed and they actually produced everything promised. They did so at considerable risk and by virtue of a significant personal financial investment. The result of their vision, efforts, and money was a spectacular festival marketplace that gave hope to our entire downtown." - The Honorable Coleman Young, Mayor of Detroit, Michigan.

"Trolley Square had been foreclosed on by the lender when The Cordish Company came into the picture and not only revived a dying project but also took it to spectacular heights. In doing so, they created an absolutely fabulous and unique retail entertainment environment that draws heavily from our local population and also serves as an important tourist attraction for the city and region. Trolley Square represents the best in urban development, a highly successful commercial venture, while at the same time preserving a wonderful historic building and our cultural heritage." - The Honorable Deedee Corradini, Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah

"For years, the persistent complaint about Atlantic City has been that it offers precious little to do once you’re done playing the slots. That dynamic is slowly changing, with the addition of …a series of retail outlets being built by renowned developers Cordish Company." - The Associated Press, October 14, 2003.

"Cordish Wins Retail Respect." - Washington Post, November 16, 2003.

"H&R Block announced it will build new world headquarters and move at least 1,450 employees to the long-blighted South Loop area… H&R Block was purported to be interested in participating in the South Loop redevelopment effort, but only if its investment was accompanied by a plan that would being life to the area. In recent months, company officials worked with The Cordish Co. to shape a future for the district that would be attractive to H&R employees." - The Kansas City Star December 19, 2003.

"In Houston, it was an abandoned convention center. In Baltimore, it was the old power plant and later a decrepit district of older buildings. In Louisville, KY, it was failed downtown shopping center. In Salt Lake City, it was an old trolley barn… ‘The story we got everywhere we looked was that they’re very good,’ said David Peterson, president of the Louisville Central Area Inc. ‘We haven’t seen anything to change our mind. They’re thorough and they bring in first-class tenants. The other thing we liked is they don’t sell projects. They retain ownership.’"  - The Kansas City Star, December 22, 2003.

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